Caution: Disappointment from Working with Walton Consultants in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing the Right Consulting Agency
Selecting a consulting agency to register a company in Dubai is a critical step that can determine the future of your business. Our negative experience with Walton Consultants underscores the risks associated with choosing the wrong partner.

Insufficient Staff Competence: Initial Problems
Despite the importance of the process, the managers at Walton Consultants were inadequately prepared. The initially compiled document package was incomplete due to the agency’s oversight, which became the first stumbling block.

Key Documents: Missed Details
During the process, it was found that the agency failed to mention the necessity of another critically important document, leading to significant registration delays. This oversight jeopardized the entire operation and resulted in unnecessary time and resource costs.

Process Delays: When Deadlines Aren’t Met
After all documents were compiled and deadlines preliminarily agreed upon, company registration unexpectedly prolonged for an unacceptably long period. These delays not only caused disappointment but also impaired the company’s operational activities.

Assessment of Additional Services
Walton Consultants offers a wide range of services, including account opening and accounting services. However, given our negative experience at the initial stage, doubts arise about the quality and reliability of the other services offered by the company.

Unwillingness to Rectify Errors
One of the most serious problems was Walton Consultants’ inability or unwillingness to acknowledge and correct their mistakes. Despite multiple appeals, the agency did not take adequate steps to address the issues.

Conclusion: How to Protect Your Business
Based on our experience, we recommend carefully selecting a consulting agency. Take the time to review the reviews, experience, and qualifications of potential partners. Remember that the right choice can significantly reduce risks and contribute to the successful development of your business.

This article is written in the hope of warning potential clients about possible pitfalls when choosing a consulting company in Dubai, especially when it comes to such a critically important task as company registration.

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