A Sad Experience with the Real Estate Agency “INDOM”

The Foreign Real Estate Agency “INDOM”

The foreign real estate agency “INDOM” positions itself as a company employing professionals with extensive experience in the field of foreign real estate. They offer a wide range of properties for sale, including apartments, townhouses, cottages, villas, land plots, islands, hotels, cafes, restaurants, income-generating houses, industrial, office, and retail spaces, as well as various investment projects and businesses.

Services Offered by “INDOM”

“INDOM” provides services for searching, selecting, and selling residential and commercial properties, investment projects, and businesses. The company also helps in selecting construction companies for building projects according to clients’ plans, offers consultations on purchasing property abroad, provides legal support at all stages of the transaction, and offers advice on immigration and obtaining a residence permit. Additionally, they organize business tours for viewing properties and consulting directly in the country.

Our Experience with “INDOM”

We turned to the agency “INDOM” to find several real estate options abroad. From the very beginning, we were promised that all properties would be thoroughly checked and fully meet our requirements. However, the reality was far from this rosy picture.

Prolonged Transaction Process

The process of concluding the deal with “INDOM” was significantly delayed despite the pre-agreed deadlines. Every step took longer than promised, causing us serious concern. We expected efficient work and a quick completion of the deal, but our expectations were not met.

Errors in Documents

One of the most serious problems was the incorrect documentation. This caused significant legal issues that required additional time and money to resolve. We expected that the agency’s specialists would ensure the correct and timely preparation of all necessary documents, but this was not the case.

Insufficient Attention to the Client

“INDOM” showed insufficient attention to our needs. Feedback was practically absent, and the agents were not sufficiently involved in the transaction process. We expected a professional approach and constant interaction, but we encountered complete disregard for our questions and requests.

Refusal to Correct Mistakes

After all these problems, the agency refused to correct their mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. We spent a lot of time and money but did not receive quality service. This was the last straw, after which our trust in the agency was completely lost.

Unfulfilled Expectations

Our experience with “INDOM” showed that the company does not live up to its promises and does not provide an adequate level of service. We spent a lot of time and money solving problems that should have been resolved by the agency. In the end, we were left disappointed and dissatisfied.

“INDOM” failed to provide quality service and broke its promises at every stage of cooperation. We strongly recommend potential clients to be cautious and thoroughly check all offers and services before turning to this agency.


  • Always thoroughly check the reputation of the real estate agency before starting cooperation.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions and demand explanations on all aspects of the deal.
  • Ensure that the agent understands and respects your needs and requests.
  • Persistently monitor the transaction process and do not allow prolonged delays.
  • Be vigilant and careful when choosing a real estate agency to avoid a negative experience similar to ours.

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