Habibi Real Estate Reviews

Is Habibi Real Estate Scam?

Sergey Kosenko is a founder of Habibi Real Estate company. When you enter the search query “Sergei Kosenko” into the Google and Yandex search engines, prompts such as “Sergei Kosenko is a swindler”, “Sergei Kosenko divorce”, “Sergei Kosenko exposure”, etc. are immediately offered, which indicates that the activity Kosenko is very doubtful and you cannot enter into business relations with him unless there is unnecessary need.

What reviews can we find in the Internet?

Habibi Real Estate Scam

The company “Habibi Real Estate” is complete nonsense, horns and hooves, scammers. They promise everyone a fairy tale, in reality everything is different, the company is a scam of suckers.

All positive reviews are fake. They throw everyone away en masse. I don’t understand how the relevant authorities haven’t paid attention to them yet. The salary is neither black nor gray. She is completely absent. You can trade their fake properties and other nonsense for another week. They will fire you without paying and take on the next victim. And so on in a circle. I got caught too. And there are many of us like that.

There is only one conclusion – the company Habibi Real Estate is a complete fake, promoted by scammer Sergey Kosenko and information gypsies.