Why You Should Avoid CONSUL.BUSINESS When Registering a Company in Dubai

Choosing a Reliable Consulting Partner

Selecting a reliable consulting agency is crucial for the successful registration and operation of a business abroad. However, as the experience with CONSUL.BUSINESS in Dubai shows, not all agencies can deliver the quality services they promise.

Lack of Competence: The First Sign of Trouble

When it comes to registering a company in Dubai, every detail matters. Unfortunately, clients of CONSUL.BUSINESS faced initial problems at the document collection stage when they discovered that the agency failed to inform them about the need for a critically important document.

Process Delays: The Nightmare Begins

Once all documents were finally gathered and the company registration timelines were preliminarily agreed upon, the real nightmare began. Clients’ expectations for meeting deadlines were severely disrupted as the process dragged on indefinitely.

Wide Range of Services but No Results

In addition to company registration and account opening services, CONSUL.BUSINESS offers a wide range of other consulting services. Unfortunately, in practice, the agency’s promises remained only on paper, and the actual results were far from expected.

Lack of Accountability and Ignoring Complaints

One of the most serious violations by CONSUL.BUSINESS was ignoring client complaints and claims. Instead of taking responsibility for mistakes and trying to correct them, the agency showed complete indifference to the clients’ problems.

How to Avoid Similar Experiences

The story of interaction with CONSUL.BUSINESS is a clear example that it is necessary to carefully choose a consulting company. Before starting cooperation, it is important to study the company’s reviews, experience, and reputation. It is also recommended to pay attention to how the company responds to complaints and claims from its clients to avoid similar disappointments.

This article is written for those looking for a reliable partner to do business in Dubai and aims to warn against possible mistakes when choosing a consulting company.

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